Dear Adam

Dear Adam

When we first met, I was struck by how boisterous, positive, and funny you were. It was not until much later, when we finally started connecting more frequently, did I recognize that I had only just scratched the surface. Beneath the already bright exterior was a man of infinite depth, thoughtfulness, generosity, and optimism.

Today, your friends and family say goodbye to the vessel that carried your life, but your spirit emanates through each of us. You leave a great void in our lives, but equally, a challenge to fill that void with what you represent. I feel our friendship was just beginning and had so many possibilities—that I had just opened the door to a brilliantly bright and star-filled room of opportunity, only to have the door close too soon.

In the past few months alone, you’ve impacted Coley’s and my life, both personally and professionally. We will continue to carry your words and advice with us, in our relationship, as well as in our work.

But most importantly, we’ll carry your brightness in our lives. Thank you, Adam.

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