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Wow, I didn’t realize that

Wow, I didn’t realize that U-571 was out! I’ll have to go check that out. I spent the whole weekend preping my kitchen for remodeling. It is going to be really nice once it is done. The only problem I’m faced with at the moment is the vinyl flooring . . . that stuff is really sticky and hard to get off. I’m replacing it with ceramic tile.

In other news, I had a cyst removed from the back of my neck of Friday afternoon. Wow, I never realized that those things could be so painful. I was reluctant to visit the doctor because I just thought it was a big zit or something but I finally realized it wasn’t when the whole back of my head was swollen so much that I couldn’t even turn my head. Needless to say, things are much better now and I am in no pain.

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