New From Adobe!

What is it with Adobe’s Photoshop series? EVERY new version, they seem to redefine their File menu. Of all the menus, that one should be the easiest to keep consistent. O for opening a file, S for saving, right? Last time, Adobe changed the recently opened files to be in a submenu of File. Worse still, they got rid of the 1 to n hotkeys that I used to use to open them without clicking on the menu. They’ve since recovered slightly, allowing me to hit the sequence Alt-F, R, and then the number.

Now in Photoshop CS, they break yet another convention. I’m used to Alt-F, A for Save As. In PS CS, this is now Open As (allowing you to open a file but make sure you don’t save over it). Save As is now Alt-F, V. This has no directly harmful effects aside from being a pain in the ass. Until one day I was using Photoshop 7.0 on a different machine and actually DID want to open another file. I hit Alt-F, A thinking I was a badass for using the Open As feature. I quickly typed in the file name I wanted to open, hit enter, and waited for the file to open.

Needless to say, I wrote over the file with the one I was working on instead of opening it.

Why, Adobe, Why?


  1. Ben · 18 Mar 04

    Totally feel you. I’ve noticed this exact same thing, and it’s basically put me resorting to the ALT-F-scan-for-the-right-letter-to-press-or-click-it-with-the-mouse process. Very slow.

  2. van · 20 Mar 04

    because Adobe is big and old school and anything but agile (as I’ve learned from the husband of someone who worked there). Those qualities in a company usually means stupid decisions get made (while younger more innovative companies like Macromedia start getting ahead)

  3. Nathan Vaughn · 3 Feb 05

    This pisses me off so bad you have no idea. You would be hard-pressed to find a windows application in which alt-f-a is not ‘save as’. If the company I work for hadn’t recent switched to CS (which of course, is not backwards copatable) I would gladly go back to photoshop 7 for this reason alone.

  4. Brilhasti · 20 Jul 07

    You have no idea how badly alt-f-s in CS1 pisses me off.