Restart Now? OK, How About Now?

What genius at Microsoft decided it would be a good idea, after an automated Windows Update, to not only give you a “we’re going to restart your computer in 5 mins if you don’t stop us” dialog but have it come up every 15 mins or so with no recourse to stop it?!?!

So if it updated overnight, and I happen to have unsaved data, it would just restart my computer. Not that I should have any unsaved data but still.

And if I’m using the computer, am busy and can’t afford to reboot yet, I have to get interrupted every 15mins. Imagine if I was in a presentation or something.

It’s like the kid who says, “Are We There Yet?” “Not yet” “What about now?” “Not yet” “Whataboutnow?” “NO JUST SHUT THE HELL UP YOU STUPID BRAT.”


  1. mfk · 22 Jul 05

    This feature annoys the living daylights out of me too. Especially when you have a calculation running in the background that really really needs to be done, and won’t be finished for oh, say 15 hours. Ugh.

  2. Greg · 9 Aug 05

    I hate it too. It drives me crazy but I understand the issue here.

    Let’s imagine that Microsoft finds a bug that can be exploited by a virus. In fact if the bug isn’t patched it’s likely that your computer files could be destroyed.

    Let’s imagine that Microsoft installs the patch and offers to restart your computer and gives you the option to say NO.

    If a virus destroys your files is it Microsoft’s fault even though you told the computer not to restart? Many would say yes.
    A) Microsoft created the bug
    B) They sold you the software with the bug
    C) Once they found the bug they didn’t do everything in their power to prevent corruption of your data.
    D) There is no reasonable way you could have made an informed decision about the implications of not restarting.

    That said the UI does suck. It should say:
    [Restart Now] | [Restart Later]
    If you select Later it should ask you for a date and time to initiate a restart. It should also prompt you to restart when you logoff because this is a logical ending point for a session.

    The real solution would be the ability to hot patch files, drivers and OS components without ever needing to reboot, but now I’m dreaming.

  3. Sam · 16 Aug 05

    I agree that it should prompt you at logoff. The thing that bugs me most about its constant pestering is that it doesn’t feel the need to pester me every 7 minutes until AFTER I’ve applied the damn patches. I very much doubt that the OS is more vulnerable between the patches being applied and the computer rebooted than before the patches are applied.

    They really need to start working on reducing the number of reboots. Even on Server 2003, nearly all critical updates need a reboot! (or at least they SAY they need a reboot)

  4. squeegee · 17 Aug 05

    There is a fix/workaround here (see 2005-08-15 comment for XP Home)