This weekend, I’ll be at the Alternative Press Expo (APE) for the first time. I’m glad that there’s a strong independent creator community here in San Francisco and am looking forward to a different crowd from the design conferences. Brandon and Nicole have graciously offered to share their table with Min Jung, Courtney, Robert and I (We’re in The Geekout/Entropy Booth 348-349). Min Jung and I are collaborating on a graphic novel loosely based on an elaborate Sci-Fi dream she once had. It’s called Soul Jump. I haven’t had time to work on it as much as I’d like but I’m hoping to get an ashcan out in time.

I’ll also be representing for Off Panel. We got all new business cards printed for that and we’re hoping to attract a few creators. We’re giving $100 to any referrals for people that sign with us or an iPod Nano for two referrals!

The week after, I’m part of LAP POP 2.0 which largely involves the same crew. It’s a celebration of the arts in techies – especially Asian techies. The event is curated by Min Jung with participation from Nicole and Robert (Courtney exhibited her photos in the first one). I’m still deciding what to talk about but it will likely be another immigration anecdote or two.

Finally, I’ve decided to go to E3 in May – also for the first time. I’m hoping to see some Playstation 3 or Nintendo Revolution stuff. Partly, I’m satisfying my video game geekery but I’m also hoping to get some inspiration in designing engaging and immersive environments.

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  1. Daily C · 5 Apr 06

    Creative Geeks Unite…

    I guess I’ve been somewhat timid to mention this, but I suppose I should.
    I’ll be tabling for my first time at the Alternative Press Expo (commonly referred to as APE), taking up a small space at tables 348-249, graciously hosted by The G…