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The project I’ve been deep into for the past few months, Pipes, has finally launched! I worked with an awesome group of people to put this out and we did it in an amazingly short time. I only joined the team in November and they started work on it in September. I do think of this, especially the editor, as one of the best design pieces I’ve done in a long long time so I’m really glad that it’s out there.

Although live, we are nowhere near done. The number of ideas we have for taking this forward are countless but we want to get the ideas from everyone else, too. Don’t be shy about using the feedback link. We do read that stuff. I’ll hopefully write more about what I think is cool about it as it can take some explaining but in the mean time, some other people have been giving us some mighty high praise.

Time to make my Fantasy Hockey Roster News pipe now…


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    […] February 8th, 2007 at 5:58 am () I wish I was geeky enough to know if Yahoo’s ‘Pipes‘ is really as cool as O’Reilly thinks it is, or if I’m just excited because my friend is through the crunch. All I know is that my first thought is that this was just the mashup tool I was looking for last night. […]

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    […] I’ve been itching to put together a bunch of mashups, but there’s only so many lazyweb requests you’re allowed to make if you can’t grok AJAX. Yahoo’s just-launched Pipes promises to blur the lines between nerds and geeks — offering the powers of developer nerds to content geeks, and vice versa. Tim O’Reilly is nearly verklempt, and even after my friend Kevin Cheng hinted at how the transcendently awesome the project he was working on might turn out, I’m still surprised. It’s like a visual Ruby on Rails. […]

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    […] The team themselves are the best resources for more info: – Pasha, who deserves all the credit for both the idea and leading the team, – Edward, whose passion is matched only by his technical skill, – Jonathan, the man behind what may be the slickest AJAX application on the web, – Kevin, who joined recently but completely took the design to a new level in a matter of weeks – and Daniel, without whom this would be just another great idea that never would have seen the light of day. […]

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    I’m not a programmer but I love to tinker. Much to the chagrin of my parents, I liked nothing better than taking things apart and seeing how they worked. The thing that made the early web so much fun……

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    […] Yahoo! Pipes was built by Pasha Sadri, Ed Ho, Jonathan Trevor, Kevin Cheng, and Daniel Raffel. I work in the row of cubes right beside the team and it’s been inspiring to watch Pipes go from idea to reality (I was lucky enough to work closely with Ed and Jonathan last year when we released the Checkmates prototype at eTech). […]

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  8. Nick Bradbury · 8 Feb 07

    Yahoo! Pipes is a Platform Play…

    Given that Yahoo! Pipes has been clogged much of the day, chances are you haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. So I’ll take a few minutes to expand upon my brief previous post……

  9. Sergio · 8 Feb 07

    Fuck. Yeah.

    The thing looks pretty impressive, Kev. I’ve got to put some serious time playing with it, now.


  10. eric · 9 Feb 07

    what a seriously cool piece of work!!

  11. Danny · 9 Feb 07

    Congrats! Very impressive.

    (A bit of feedback on taking it forward)

  12. Yahoo! Pipes : A Giant Erector Set for the Web — everwas · 12 Aug 07

    […] ol’ caveat. This is not a finished product! Edward, Daniel, Jonathan, Pasha, and Kevin have created a beautiful platform but this is just the first step in an exciting direction which is […]