The Pipes Team Shout Out

I tagged a bunch of people in my last post but I wanted to do a proper shout out because the talent is really phenomenal and worth talking about in more detail. The Pipes team started in September with four people:

  • Pasha Sadri: the man with the idea, who also came up with Yahoo! Trip Planner is a brilliant thinker and draws great caricatures to boot.
  • Edward Ho: all round ninja doing both front end and back end as well as the top of Mario Kart DS
  • Jonathan Trevor: Whom I’ve told numerous people is the guy who codes faster than I can design (he’s responsible for the editor)
  • Daniel Raffel: The guy who gets all the things out of the way and fills in every crack and deals with the multitude of minute details we would otherwise forget.

I joined in late November and had the opportunity to overhaul the visuals and a fair amount of the interaction on the site in a short time although this past week my eyes have been bleeding from css and php much more than Photoshop. On the home stretch, we got crucial helping hands from Maciej Ceglowski and Paul Hammond.

Everyone’s pimping our sponsors, and really for good reason because they made it possible to do a project like this in the unique environment that we had as fast as we did. So cheers to Caterina and Bradley!

Finally, some more mentions now from Jeremy, TechCrunch, GigaOm (thanks Jackson!) and hell, just look at Leonard’s Pipe for Pipes Buzz.

Oh, and I’ve got my Player News for NHL Player Pipe set up (good for fantasy sports).


  1. Ben Clemens · 8 Feb 07

    Congratulations Kevin! Pipes looks great!

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    […] It’s nice to read about the excitement coming from the developers (e.g. Kevin) of this unique service because it demonstrates something that most people assumed Yahoo had lost long ago: the ability to have fun. […]

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    […] Let me preface this by stating that one of the Yahoo! Pipes core team members, Kevin Cheng, is close personal friend – I have the deepest respect for him and his team’s work, and not just because he managed to survive three years living in the same house as me. […]