I’m Writing a Book!

After two years of discussions with Lou Rosenfeld, I’ve finally signed with his publishing company, Rosenfeld Media, to write a book entitled See What I Mean: How to Use Comics to Communicate Ideas. For those that don’t know, Rosenfeld Media is like an O’Reilly for user experience books. They focus on compact, practical methods books for the practitioner. I will be joining such luminary authors as my friends and colleagues Indi Young and Luke Wroblewski.

As the title suggests, the book will be an extension of the workshop and presentations I’ve been presenting at various conferences. The subject matter has been expanded in scope but the gist remains the same: comics are an under utilized method for telling a story in a concise and accessible manner and See What I Mean will attempt to explain how to create comics for this purpose—without necessarily knowing how to draw.

I wrote about the full story of how the book came to be on the book blog.

It’s hard to describe the excitement and trepidation I feel. I’ve been writing pieces for OK/Cancel and to a lesser extent, here on this blog for many years but never a full length book. In addition, balancing the writing of this book with the responsibilities at Raptr will be challenging. Coley has been amazingly supportive about the whole endeavour and I’m sure hers and the support of my friends and family will carry me to the finish line this fall.

My goal is to complete this book and have it out by South by Southwest next year. I won’t be blogging much more about the book here as the book has its own place. If you’re interested in the development of the book, I hope you add your name to my book’s notification mailing list and contribute to the discussions there!


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    Congratulations- I'm looking forward to it.