Raptr Launches in Public Beta

Raptr, the startup I joined at the beginning of the year, has gone into public beta. If you play any sort of video games – even casual Flash games like Who’s Got the Biggest Brain on Facebook (my current obsession) – I hope you try it out. I’m very fortunate and proud to have contributed to this project and feel it truly changes the way people will approach gaming.

Instead of rehashing what the site does, I encourage you to check out our blog post about it. The Ars Technica write-up on us is also quite detailed and accurate. Better yet, go to Raptr and sign up!

Those who have managed to remain in contact with me during this ride will know that it’s been many long days and nights leading up to this. To the friends and family that read this blog, I’m hoping to email/talk/see/phone you more often now that the product is out but don’t be surprised if I submerge again to really sink my teeth into writing my book.

Every time I write one of these blog posts talking about something I’ve been working on for awhile, I feel like I’m writing some sort of awards acceptance speech (“I’d like to thank the Academy”) so I’ll just leave it as a an announcement. Go check it out.