The Meaning of Our Wedding Date

The Meaning of Our Wedding Date

Update: We’re married! And our wedding date story was covered in the New York Times. We’ve also shared our vows as a public promise.

Status Change

When Coley and I got engaged in late 2008, the first question people asked us was, of course,

Have you guys set a date yet?

We got to talking about dates and initially felt that 09/09/09 would be a good date. We’re not mathematicians nor numerologists but a date like 09/09/09 just has a good ring to it. With the Indian Summers that San Francisco has, a wedding in early September would be perfect. And though neither of us are superstitious, there was the added bonus that “9” was considered by Chinese people to be a lucky number in weddings.

Alas, 09/09/09 also fell on a Wednesday.

So, at our friend Diana’s suggestion, we looked at 10/10/10 to see if that fell on a weekend. As it turned out, that was a Sunday. Then Diana suggested something which made both our geeky ears perk up:

You could have a binary themed wedding.

Indeed we could.

The next natural step was to determine what 101010 in binary equated to in decimal. Let’s see … 2 plus 8 plus 32 …


As in 42—The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.



  1. Ben · 21 Jan 10

    That’s priceless, Kev. I love it!

  2. Angela · 21 Jan 10

    I made a reference to the Hitchhiker’s Guide yesterday and was dismayed to see the “geek” didn’t get it. Is there such a thing as being too young to know it? Shouldn’t being a geek require that you have read or at least seen it?!

    Happy for you two! xoxo

  3. Jessica · 21 Jan 10

    Fenchurch approves. :)

  4. Mary Specht · 21 Jan 10

    That is the Best Wedding Idea Ever.

  5. Brendon J. Wilson · 29 Jan 10

    Not to sound elitist, but you had to explain this to people? As soon as I learned the date, I realized what a nerd you were, on at least two levels (I’m not leaving out the possibility that the date isn’t also the EBCDIC-encoded value of the heart Wingding character).

  6. Eddie Capstick · 30 Jan 10

    always remember where your towel is…or the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal will see you :)

    congratulations on setting the date ! :)

  7. Love Zubiller · 1 Feb 10

    PERFECT! Don’t forget to invite the dolphins and the rats!