Our Vows

Our Vows

K: Coley, as your husband, your friend, and your partner, I promise to love and care for you.

C: I pledge to you, Kevin, as my love, my friend, and my partner in life… to love you and care for you as long as we live.

K: I promise to be dependable yet independent,

C: reinforcing our individual spirits,

K: reflecting your true self to you

C: so you can see your real beauty

K: and stay true to you.

C: I will never stop dancing, singing and laughing

K: and I will never try to stop you.

C: I want to show you nature and the beauty of life around us,

K: I want to show you the world and the diversity of cultures around us.

C: I promise to keep you childlike and crazy, even as we get much older.

K: and I will look after you even when we’re old and crazy.

C: I promise to help you stay positive,

K: helping each other keep perspective,

C: and always reminding you of the wonderful little things.

K: I promise to be fun

C: I promise to have fun

K: I promise it will be fun.


  1. molly · 10 Oct 10

    *tears in my eyes*

    you two are an inspiration. i wish you so much love.

  2. Saleem Khan · 10 Oct 10

    Love this. So you. So many more great moments to come. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Bill Smith · 10 Oct 10

    Trying to be open-minded, but come on, this sounds like a couple of third graders. I guess the ‘childlike’ is really coming through.
    And when you have a category tag like ‘geeky’ you’re generally not, just lame.
    On another note: Felicitations!

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  5. rob alexander · 10 Oct 10

    fluid, felt sincere.

  6. Chris Law · 11 Oct 10

    The whole ceremony was wonderful and personal. It really reflected the two of you wonderfully!

  7. Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis · 11 Oct 10

    We have so many mutual friends, I feel like I know you guys though we’ve not met. I loved watching all this through their eyes. (Having had the first engagement on twitter and then the first full “twitter wedding” (#tweetwed), I feel even closer to @k as one of the people who builds a big part of my life. LOL)

    You guys are adorable—huge congrats. <3 the binary day, the vows and engagement pictures! Thanks for sharing with us all. It's happy-making. We need more of that. :)

  8. Kevin Cheng · 15 Oct 10

    Thanks everyone for your wishes!

    @stephanie: We HAVE met, albeit ever so briefly outside the line for Cogaoke this past SxSW. We saw your vows and they were wonderful! And we totally agree about happy-making.

    @bill smith: Anyone who knows us will understand that the vows are particularly fitting because of who we are and who we’ve been for each other. We’re definitely not novelists, but these are our words. If you’re ever in San Francisco, we’ll be happy to get a coffee with you so you can understand us, then perhaps have better context to the vows. You may still think we’re lame and that’s cool, too.

  9. Charles · 22 Oct 10

    Honest and true. Truly awesome.

  10. Ari Ratner · 23 Oct 10

    Recently married; genius vows. Inspiring…