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See What I Mean: How to Use Comics to Communicate Ideas

See What I Mean: How to Use Comics to Communicate Ideas

Update: You can buy the book for 25% off with discount code KEVINCHENG.

I’m pleased to announce the release of my book, See What I Mean. Whether you’re a fan of comics as a communication tool, or just looking for new ways to communicate your product, process, or ideas, I think you’ll enjoy this book. The book is on sale now at Rosenfeld Media with digital, DRM-free versions also available on the site. We prefer if you bought direct, but if you are so inclined, leave a review over on Amazon, as that will help with visibility of the book!

It’s been a long road leading up to this book, from the first Dragon Ball Z manga comics I drew as a kid, to drawing a comic for my undergrad engineering newspaper, to announcing the book back in 2008, finishing the first draft in the woods, and finally, completion.

Thanks to everyone’s support, in particular my wife Coley’s, and for those who’ve been asking for this book, thanks for your patience. I hope you like it.

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