##See What I Mean

For those who’ve attended the session or workshops previously, thanks! Hope you enjoyed it and as always, we’d love to hear how it was applied and whether it was useful. More importantly, we’d like to know how it could be improved.

This post will serve as the place where I’ll keep the resources related to the presentation updated. If you do end up using this technique, please do let me know as I’d love to show some examples of other people using comics in design.

##Upcoming Presentations / Workshops

##Presentations / Slides

Unfortunately, the slides use very few bullet points so it may be hard to follow without being there. Luke took some great notes that I recommend checking out.

– AOL Mountain View’s post session interview is up.
– Livia Labate has a recording of the session.


If you have any feedback, pictures, links or suggestions, feel free to drop a comment.

Also check out all my bookmarks that I save related to this topic.