Our Vows

Our Vows

K: Coley, as your husband, your friend, and your partner, I promise to love and care for you.

C: I pledge to you, Kevin, as my love, my friend, and my partner in life… to love you and care for you as long as we live.

K: I promise to be dependable yet independent,

C: reinforcing our individual spirits,

K: reflecting your true self to you

C: so you can see your real beauty

K: and stay true to you.

C: I will never stop dancing, singing and laughing

K: and I will never try to stop you.

C: I want to show you nature and the beauty of life around us,

K: I want to show you the world and the diversity of cultures around us.

C: I promise to keep you childlike and crazy, even as we get much older.

K: and I will look after you even when we’re old and crazy.

C: I promise to help you stay positive,

K: helping each other keep perspective,

C: and always reminding you of the wonderful little things.

K: I promise to be fun

C: I promise to have fun

K: I promise it will be fun.

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