Restart Now? OK, How About Now?

What genius at Microsoft decided it would be a good idea, after an automated Windows Update, to not only give you a “we’re going to restart your computer in 5 mins if you don’t stop us” dialog but have it come up every 15 mins or so with no recourse to stop it?!?!

So if it updated overnight, and I happen to have unsaved data, it would just restart my computer. Not that I should have any unsaved data but still.

And if I’m using the computer, am busy and can’t afford to reboot yet, I have to get interrupted every 15mins. Imagine if I was in a presentation or something.

It’s like the kid who says, “Are We There Yet?” “Not yet” “What about now?” “Not yet” “Whataboutnow?” “NO JUST SHUT THE HELL UP YOU STUPID BRAT.”

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